Pulley Earrings

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Steampunk themed jewelry sends us back to the industrial age with all of its gears, pulleys, and mechanical parts needed to keep U.S. factories humming. These earrings contain a block pulley and miniature weights. Perfect gift for mechanical engineers and physicists. No need for a Free Body Diagram (FBD), just enjoy your fabulous earrings.

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Dimensions 0.97 × 0.47 × 0.40 in



Engineer, Mechanical Engineer


Beige Polished Nylon, Black Nylon, Brown Polished Nylon, Grey Polished Nylon, Mixed




Beige Pulley with Beige Weights, Beige Pulley with Brown Weights, Beige Pulley with Grey Weights, Black Pulley with Black Weights, Black Pulley with Grey Weights, Brown Pulley with Beige Weights, Brown Pulley with Brown Weights, Grey Pulley with Grey Weights

Ear Wire

Black Niobium French Ear Wires, Gold-Filled French Ear Wires, Surgical Steel French Ear Wires


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