Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Submit a Design Idea to Layers By Design?

Send Layers By Design a note at or if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, please send a message.  You could see your design come to life!

What if I have a Skin Sensitivity?

All Strong & Flexible Plastics are made out of nylon, which is hypoallergenic!

For hypoallergenic jewelry hardware, LBD recommends the Surgical Steel Ear Wires.  They are the most affordable as well!

Is Engraving an Option?

Yes and No.  Engraving is available on select products by embossing (characters sticking up) or engraving (characters sticking down) on the 3D model of the product given their is enough space and the engraving/embossing will be large enough to be readable.  For specific questions on engraving or embossing, contact LBD for detail inquires.

Metal products can be engraved or embossed as described above, or they can be taken to a certified jeweler for post engraving.  LBD does not offer post 3D printing engraving at this time.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Once an order is placed with LBD, the design is printed on an industrial 3D printer from a partnered supplier. On average 2-3 weeks is required for printing and processing time. Changes to lead-time are immediately communicated with customers.

What is LBD's Return Policy?

You can find Layer’s By Design’s Return Policy here.

What Length of Chain Would you Suggest?

Common size is 18″.  This fits most people.

Why Does my Jewelry Tarnish?

If you have purchased the following 3D printed jewelry or hardware metals, they are prone to tarnish:

  • Brass & Bronze
  • 14K Gold Plated, 14K Rose Gold Plated, 18K Gold Plated
  • Raw, Polished, or Premium Silver
  • 14K Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 18K Gold

Some of these metals tarnish faster than others due to their individual make up.

Check out Layers By Design’s fantastic Polishing and Care accessories here.

How Do I Avoid Jewelry Tarnish?

Wear your jewelry! By wearing jewelry it is less likely to tarnish.  If you need to store individual pieces of jewelry your best option is in a sealed zip-close baggies to limit the exposure of air.