This is our exclusive blog for communicating news, trends, materials, updates and more to our loyal customers and fans.  We encourage creativity and innovative new concepts in jewelry and accessories to express your personality and your life.

Each product was designed using the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software.  Each design is analyzed and manufactured using the latest additive manufacturing (3D printing). Using this new and rapidly growing manufacturing technology has allowed us to provide custom jewelry and accessories.  Customers can select one of our pre-approved designs to customize your own look.  Each design has a pre-approved material list to choose from and a list of hardware to complete your final piece.

Inspiration is everywhere, everyday.  At Layers By Design, we strive to provide the most unique jewelry designs for everyday to your special occasions.  We pride ourselves as being full of fun, creative, modern, and special design concepts, but we don’t have them all.  We enjoy the process of brainstorming so much we want our fans to be included too!  More details coming soon!

Layers By Design has launched a brand new website to facilitate easy customization of jewelry and accessories.  Take a tour of our new website! With 12 collections and many style of jewelry, there is something for all of our jewelry fans. New payment options, new order tracking, and more features have been added to enhance and improve your customer experience.

Again, welcome to Layers By Design!  We appreciate all of our customers and fans and look forward to growing with you all.

Best Regards,

Jessica Hunnicutt
Layers By Design