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4 votes

Computer Keyboard Necklace

For all of us office workers, it would be cute to have a keyboard or keys for jewelry. I like this but in 3D:

1 vote

Screw Earrings

For mechanics and steampunk you should make some nuts, bolts, and gears in different metals

1 vote


I want to see handyman tools and hardware as jewelry! Hammer, nail gun, square ruler, saw, pliers, pipe wrench, screwdriver, wrench, level, screws, bolts, hinges, handles, locks, you name it. Shoot out to the DIYers!

1 vote

Caliper Necklace

I think this would be good for drafters and engineers.

1 vote

Floppy Disk Earrings

Retro Vibe!

Clam and Pearl Lariat Necklace

I think it would be cool to make a clam and drop that has a pearl on it. As if the pearl fell out of the clam in a lariat necklace style.

Sweet Corn in Earrings

For Farmers, this would be very cute!

Banana Earrings

I love bananas!

Dog Treats

I’m a vet tech student and I would love some fun dog treat earrings!

Alien Robot Guards

I am a robot.

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