It’s about time this website got launched!  It’s been a long time coming.

I’ve heard the complaints and confusion from the old site:

  • What is my necklace going to look like?
  • Your site is confusing
  • I can’t find the your newest designs
  • How soon can I get me piece?
  • What is “Made to order?”
  • I don’t have pierced ears.
  • I want a longer chain!


As Austin Powers said: “I get it, I have bad teeth!”

"Okay, I get it! I have bad teeth!"


So I set upon a mission about 2 years ago to make my Squarespace website (a website in can) into a custom interface for shopping for your customizable 3D printed jewelry.  I tried and I tried but Squarespace was good for basic products, but NOT complex configurations like 3D printed materials and jewelry hardware.

I contacted my friends at Xymmetrix in Fort Wayne, IN.  They helped me setup the framework of a new site and walked me through variations, attributes, and categories (oh my!).  It sounds like I should have been down many moons ago… wrong.  I got the framework from Xymmetrix team before they joined the Ferguson Advertising, but I still agreed to program all of my products.  When I say all… I am talking a LOT.  Almost 400 products and countless configurations make YOU the ultimate customizer of the Layers By Design jewelry and accessories.

Database programming, complex jewelry analysis, and many countless evenings handcuffed to my workstation, I finally have a new and improved website just for you!  Here is a quick overview of the changes:



Want to view just earrings?  No?  Maybe a pretty necklace because your dentist doesn’t have pierce ears or you can’t remember.  We finally have that covered to exhibit your hunt.

You can now view our products by type.  We are finally excelling at organization.


You already know what you are looking for… a 14K Rose Gold necklace with a modern flair for your bestie’s birthday next month.  You cannot filter in the product gallery pages by material, color, price, and more.  You can save time and find exactly what you are looking for!


I’m a visual person, I like pictures.  With 3D Design, Layers By Design’s new website provides digital previews of the 3D printed pieces with the aid of a partnership with Shapeways, Inc.  Select your material and additional customization.


View the bottom line at an instant!

Select All the Options (Material, Chain, Earwire, Ring Size, etc.) and the price will populate on the product page immediately.  Boom!  No more Guessing until you get to the cart.


I love shopping.  I have also been told I am hard to shop for (not sure if I agree).  I have added wishlists to Layers By Design!  Configure your exact customized product and save it to your account. You can then share with whomever you want to or come back to your list on payday to treat yourself!


I’m excited to roll out a creative feedback area for customers, clients, jewelry connoisseurs, and online shoppers to submit the next idea for the Layers By Design team to dream up.

  • The way it works is you submit an idea.
  • We review to make sure you haven’t submitted something duplicate to someone else’s idea or say an inappropriate idea (mother eyebrow queued)
  • Once your idea is approved we post it on the sight!
  • Its then up to the community or a bunch of your friends to vote for their favorite ideas.

The top ideas will be the next in line to be created and sold by Layers By Design.  It’s a lot of fun to brainstorm new ideas.  Check out the ideas currently listed at Submit An Idea!


I would like to thank those that have helped me along the way.  You know who you are, but just in case:

Thank you to Mrs. H for always being patient and motivating me to keep on chipping away at this website overhaul.  Motivation techniques may have been questionable at times, but none the less, thank you!

Thank you to Ja for playing guinea pig, trying to break the site, being my first new website customer, and providing constructive crisis to aid making the best web presence I could.

Thank you to Ric and Todd for the all hours texting and emails when I broke the development site (on multiple occasions).  I also appreciate the education and the website structuring you provided me alone my length development phase.

Thank you to Magnificent A for your literary talents and artistic skills have been very valuable with product development and product descriptions.


Till Next Time, Enjoy the New Website and Shop, Shop, Shop.  If you have questions or feedback, you can contact us here.

“Life is a journey, not a destination”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As Layers By Design grows and adapts, we will maintain the customer service and attention to detail that you expect with your online shopping experience.

Thank you all,

Jessica Hunnicutt

Owner of Layers By Design