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Markle, IN 46770

1(844) 552-9377

Layers By Design is a 3D Printed Jewelry, Accessories, and Custom Product Design Company.  LBD Creates Unique Artwork for Consumers and Businesses to Make Products-On-Demand.  LBD is 3D Printing Ideas into Reality!

Made to Order

Customize your jewelry and accessory.  Select the design and the material.  Everything is 3D printed on demand!

Art Deco

Bringing the design era to the new age of 3D printing with bold geometric designs and patterns.


3D Printing and holiday decor are a perfect combination.  Easy on the wallet and very light weight.


Whether you are an electrician or a librarian, expression your pride of your profession here.  

Gemstone Jewelry

Take 3D Printing to a whole new level.  3D print settings and add stones to add even more appeal to your jewelry!

Modern Inspirations

Clean, sweeping lines and bold statements. Modern 3D printed jewelry to standout against the crowd.

Timeless Classics

Each piece exudes class.  Use these to accessorize your wardrobe or next ensemble.

Hobbies & Sports

Golfer?  Fore!  Grab your favorite putter and your LBD 3D printed accessories with you on your next 9 or 18 holes.

Natures' Treasures

For those that appreciate the outdoors and the beauty of nature, adorn yourself in 3D printed miniatures.


Show off your love of quilting, sewing, or your love for classic american arts and crafts with these quilting jewelry & accessories.