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Layers By Design is a 3D Printed Jewelry, Accessories, and Custom Product Design Company.  LBD Creates Unique Artwork for Consumers and Businesses to Make Products-On-Demand.  LBD is 3D Printing Ideas into Reality!

Custom Time Designs

Layers By Design encounters many different gift and product requests.  Here is a custom design request example and finished products.

This customer explained that a specific time of day was significant to him and his family.  He also liked the sentiment "Forever in Our Hearts.  I took these elements and drafted a few designs to meet his suggestions.

Jewelry Concepts Developed

Lattice Heart Clock Pendant

This piece was inspired by hiding the requested time message with a clock integrated into a flat heart design.  A lattice matrix was used to tie the two designs together: heart and clock.  The design was 3D printed in Red Strong & Flexible Plastic and mounted onto a sterling silver chain.

Heart Lattice Pendant

Torus Heart Clock Pendant

This design was inspired by a basic clock with the '12' mark replaced with a heart.  The clock is then surrounded by a torus knot that is mathematically driven to circle the clock.  The open wires allow a necklace chain to be looped through the torus knot.

Torus Knot Clock Pendant
Torus Knot Clock Pendant - Side View

Christmas Ornament Designs

Clock Snowflake - 3D

LBD designed  a Christmas/holiday ornament design included a clock with the customer's time carved out of the center to create depth.  The clock is surrounded by a snowflake design.  The back of the ornament has the phrase "Forever in Our Hearts" embossed from the center.

Clock Snowflake - 3D

Clock Snowflake - Flat

Another ornament design included the customer's time engraved in a clock.  The clock is  within a snowflake but with a flat profile to reduce cost of each 3D printed snowflake.

Clock Snowflake - Flat