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Markle, IN 46770

1(844) 552-9377

Layers By Design is a 3D Printed Jewelry, Accessories, and Custom Product Design Company.  LBD Creates Unique Artwork for Consumers and Businesses to Make Products-On-Demand.  LBD is 3D Printing Ideas into Reality!

Custom Cursive Rings

Modern cursive writing in the form of a ring.  Layers By Design has created custom rings in a variety of materials and finishes.

Rich & Candy Cursive Ring 02
Rich & Candy Cursive Ring 01
Rich & Candy Cursive Ring 03
This was first design for a couple "Rich & Candy" for their anniversary.  It is 3D printed in Strong & Flexible Material.   From this initial ring design, many customers have requested their on couple's ring or custom name rings and printed them in plastics and metals.  They are artistic works of art with a very personal meaning.  - Jessica Hunnicutt

Material Options

Custom Cursive Rings are designed and printable in the following materials

Strong & Flexible Materials Polished

Strong & Flexible Plastic Polished Materials

Semi-Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Precious Metals

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Custom Cursive Ring - Premium Silver
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