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Markle, IN 46770

1(844) 552-9377

Layers By Design is a 3D Printed Jewelry, Accessories, and Custom Product Design Company.  LBD Creates Unique Artwork for Consumers and Businesses to Make Products-On-Demand.  LBD is 3D Printing Ideas into Reality!

About LBD

Layers By Design (LBD) is a growing jewelry and accessory business utilizing the technology of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. 

About Layers By Design 

Jewelry & Accessories

From nature or the modern world, LBD is expanding the completed designs for you to print in a selection of materials. Visit this site often, as new designs are constantly being added.

Custom Creations

If you have a brand-new idea or require something just for you or a significant other, feel free to contact LBD to start discussing your custom 3D printing creation at an affordable price.